Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hooray for handmade!

If you haven't heard, Etsy.com is the best thing since hot glue guns for those who are crafty and make things and want to sell them.

I decided to try having an Etsy store for awhile, but I'm not good at taking photos of jewelry (reflective stuff is difficult, people!), but after some hard work, I got some passable photos and posted some stuff over the weekend... and today I sold my first piece! Next step: post a lot more stuff and see what happens.

The benefit of Etsy versus the group I'm in is that my group is local and pretty much stays local... Etsy is across the nation (via the Web), so I'll have a much larger audience. Hell, the piece that sold today was bought by someone in San Diego, California.

(time for me to boast) Way to go me.

p.s. now it's time for shameless self-promotion: www.emmybean.etsy.com

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Jason Hughes said...


It's nice to hear a success story from someone as talented as you! I hope you make millions!!